About the inventor

The patented Porta-Gyn® portable pelvic exam device is lightweight, portable and can be deployed on any bed in every hospital, remote medical facility or emergency room in less than 2 minutes. The device makes it easy to perform pelvic exams anywhere at a moment’s notice without searching for supplies.

“ Everyday, doctors in my E.R. perform dozens of pelvic exams on women whose lives are in danger. Because the proper equipment isn’t available, these exams are conducted with patients propped up on bedpans. I invented the Porta-Gyn® portable pelvic exam device so we can stop using bedpans and start providing better care.”

Pamela Gilley, Physician Assistant and Inventor


  • Portable: Easily and rapidly deploys to any room in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and field operations.
  • Lightweight: Compact, easy to carry and transport. Stores in any small space, supply room or mobile cart.
  • Perfectly-Sized: Fits on any bed or surface and can safely accommodate patients of almost any size.
  • Built for Female Anatomy: Provides full anatomical access to conduct complete pelvic exams, to facilitate birth, provide emergency care and more.


Use the Porta-Gyn® Portable Pelvic Exam Device Anywhere

  • Emergency Rooms
  • Armed Services Medical Units
  • Remote & Disaster Response Agencies
  • Mobile Medical Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health Clinics & Urgent Care
  • Family Medical Practices
  • Ambulances & EMTs
  • Every Floor of the Hospital
  • Women’s Shelters and Homes
  • Medical Missions and Humanitarian Aid
  • Anywhere Women’s Health is a Focus



  • Emergency Pelvic Exams: Each day hospitals provide emergency care to thousands of women who need pelvic examinations. However, most hospital beds are NOT equipped with stirrups and there is no current solution to quickly and easily add stirrups when needed. Instant medical care is also needed care in remote locations such as on medical missions, or where the patient cannot be easily moved (i.e. at an off-site emergency). The Porta-Gyn® portable pelvic exam device provides the perfect solution at a moment’s notice.
  • Child Birth: Most emergency room beds are not equipped to facilitate births and each year thousands of babies are born to mothers who must be positioned on simple stretchers, gurneys, or while in transport to the hospital. The Porta-Gyn® portable pelvic exam device deploys quickly to provide fast and superior care for women in labor.
  • Routine OB/GYN Care: With the Porta-Gyn® portable pelvic exam device, all medical facilities can provide critical ongoing care including cervical exams, bimanual exams and pap tests, as well as screenings for cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.



Pamela Gilley is an emergency room physician assistant who has worked as an emergency medical technician. Gilley holds a Master of Medical Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Southwestern Adventist University. Her specialties include emergency medicine, urgent care, family medicine, internal medicine and medical education.

Gilley holds certifications in advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and basic life saving (BLS). She is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, Florida Academy of Physician Assistants and the Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants.

Raised in Oklahoma, Gilley now resides with her family in Central Florida.

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